• Series 5JRA Series 5

    This is the webinar series that you have been waiting for. This is were all the training tutorials and webinars have come together to get your showreel to the level it needs to be. The number one question that we have heard from students and professionals is "what kind of shots are recruiters looking for?". This 10 week series starting Saturday Aug 9th, will answer exactly that question as Jason discusses, designs and animates four showreel type shots live.
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  • Series 4JRA Series 4

    In this 10 part series, entitled "Mechanics to Music", Jason animated a shot/sequence live for 2 hours in each of the ten sessions. This was all set to an original rock song by his band Dark Chapter. These broad mechanic type shots consisted of intense acting and included dramatic moving cameras. Available for download now through the store.

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  • JRA Series 3JRA Series 3

    He's back!!! Jason has now designed an awesome 8 week series, where he went through everything he knows about Maya as it relates to animation. This webinar series will take you from the very basics of animating in Maya, including navigating the interface, preferences, useful plugins, parenting, referencing, hot keys, graph editor, editing shelves and tons more. Available for download now through the store.

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  • P2PJamaal Bradley acting shot walk-through

    Learn how Senior Dreamworks Animator Jamaal Bradley uses reference, thumbnails, analyzes dialogue, breaks down poses, and takes a shot all the way 'to final'. "From Planning to Polish" is a step by step, 3 part video that takes you all the way from the planning phases of acting, down to the finished dialogue. This is a fun and educational video that will be an ongoing resource. Available in the Store.

  • Four Legged SeriesJason Ryan Four Legged Tutorial Series

    In this new series, Jason covers how he approaches animating four legged actions from concept to completion. Just like in his other tutorials, he starts from scratch and animate each action in 2D for every single frame. So whether you are doing your shots in 2D, CG, or Stop-Motion you will be able to follow along from the Blocking stage all the way through to adding overlap on tails and ears. Available in the Store.
  • Mike Walling Mechanics trainingMike Walling Body Mechanics training

    Body Mechanics Shot Walk Through training with Mike Walling, Animator at DreamWorks SKG. From Basic Planning through Polish. Available in the Store.

Why Build This Site?

Jason's demo reel

I love to teach and I love to Animate. I think to learn animation, you need to stand over the shoulder of a feature quality animator and watch how that person approaches their shots from the early concept stage all the way to final polish. Watching as they come up against and over come unforeseen obstacles. I have a work flow that approaches animation in a structured, creative, and most importantly a fun way.
There is a huge need in the Industry to find fully trained fast animators to hire. Colleges don't specialize and books are all theory and not practical, I will be animating right before your eyes so you can see step by step how to apply the principles and foundations of animation to real shots.

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What's the Tutorials about?

After I left Walt Disney Animation Studios back in 2007, I began working on the most complete animation training program ever.  I recorded myself animating 18 shots from a beginner level all the way up to Advanced Dialog shots.

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What's the Webinars about?

They are a set of animation demos, recorded from the live virtual classrooms, where I took "Animation Master Classes" and showed how I would approach developing these ideas into dynamic sequences for a showreel piece or a short film.

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Extended Training

While doing the Tutorials and Webinars, I met many animators who paid "through the nose" to go to the best colleges and universities around the world with the worst part being their teachers didn’t have a clue about feature quality animation. So we started iAnimate.net, a complete set of live workshops designed to target all your animation needs.