Fundamental Series

These 2 hour down-loadable Webinars focus on the Principle Fundamentals of Animation. I approached these essential topics in both 2D and CG. These Webinars are a 3 part set and are more geared towards the beginner to intermediate level student but even for experienced animators who feel that they are struggling their work flow. These webinars have been making a huge hit with students all around the world, because now they can actually see the principles in action rather than just theory from books.

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Timing and Spacing

Timing and Spacing are probably the two most important principles in Animation. At their core, they are easily understood but mastering them is something that animators will always strive to be better at. The basic movement of every shot will incorporate Timing and Spacing but how they are used is the tricky part. In this Webinar, I animate a shot from scratch talking about the ins and outs of Timing and Spacing.

Drag, Overlap, and Follow through

This particular Webinar is entitled "Drag, Overlap and Follow Through". In this 2 hour Webinar, we talked about all kinds of overlap from tails, sleeves, fingers, arms to the overlap within the hips, chest and head area.

Weight and Balance

In every student showreel, there should be a shot with either a weight push, pull and/or lift. In this webinar, I wanted to design and animate a shot that shows a character pulling, lifting and pushing a really heavy object. Making objects feel really heavy can be a challenge, but keeping the character that is doing the actions balanced is also a challenge.

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