Webinar Series 1

These 2 hour down-loadable Webinars focus on the Principle Fundamentals of Animation. I approached these essential topics in both 2D and CG. These Webinars are a 3 part set and are more geared towards the beginner to intermediate level student but even for experienced animators who feel that they are struggling their work flow. These webinars have been making a huge hit with students all around the world, because now they can actually see the principles in action rather than just theory from books.

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August 2008

It's all about this mouse and how he gets to the cheese. I thought I would take that simple idea and develop it into a dynamic sequence with a lot of potential. These ideas will help you stand out from the crowd because your showreel will have the form of a Feature Showreel and not just random exercises. You will see first hand how I go from my story board process, into developing the animatic into full animation.

September 2008

In this September Webinar, I run through how I approach animating fourlegged walks and runs. Then I animate a 2D blueprint of a shot of the mouse running out, sniffing around and running off screen. this particular webinar illustrates how I go from a few 2D keys to to fleshing out the motion.

October 2008

In this October webinar, I run through my approach to 2D walks and turns and then go over how I animate my Boris Character pacing back and forth with an emotion to show the principles in action.

November 2008

In this particular webinar, I wanted to animate a character walking into a shot from off screen, come to stop, punch his time card with an emotion and then walk off screen. I first illustrate this in 2D and then move to CG to refine my shot.

December 2008

In this webinar I wanted to take walking talking shots further. We have a piece of dialog with a very strong personality, the walk has to reflect this character and emote a sense of confidence to deliver the line believably.

January 2009

There is so much work needed in Expression and Lipsync, so I dedicated a full webinar to illustrate how I approach this subject. Lip sync alone is difficult enough to get right without having to worry about expression but in order for our characters to act we need to find ways to master these issues.

February 2009

This webinar was inspired by a shot that I animated of Susan from Monsters versus Aliens. Of course instead of Susan, I wanted to animate Boris being locked away in a cell. This shot covers a lot of how I deal with subtle animation and acting.

March 2009

In this March showreel shot webinar, we have Boris and Tots interacting. We have Boris running in, turning and beckoning his friend Tots to come on. Tots comes bouncing in, lands in Boris' hands and he Tosses him on top of the toy box where we cut to the two characters escaping through the open window.

April 2009

In this two character Dialog piece, I wanted to animate Boris as a guy and a girl. Boris is trying to give a sincere compliment to Doris, but fumbling in efforts. Boris is playing the part of the loveable loser in both situations. In this webinar I wanted to show how to break up a dialog piece into five shots and make you feel for the characters.

May 2009

In this may webinar I wanted to animate a 2D pass live, for a complex action shot. This webinar will be dealing with a camera move created in maya and how I can do my Flipbook pass to get a great blue print for the CG conversion.

June 2009

In this June webinar, I take the Blue print that we created in the May webinar and convert it into a CG version of the shot using the Flipbook pass as a reference.

July 2009

In this webinar, I illustrate how I animate to music. By using this process to break down the music into up beats and down beats I can sync my characters actions to the rhythm of the music.
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