Webinar Series 3

What's the JRA Series 3 all about?

When I started my Tutorials and Webinars back in 2007, I focused mainly on students that were comfortable technically with Maya. Over the last few years since starting iAnimate.net, I have received so many emails asking about how a beginner with no experience can get started in animation. I have now designed an awesome 8 week series, where I went through everything I know about Maya and how I use it to animate. This webinar series will take you from the very basics of animating in Maya, including navigating the interface, preferences, useful plugins, parenting, referencing, hot keys, graph editor, editing shelves and tons more. We will also be going over the some very useful mel scripts to make your experience in learning animation so much easier. I always find video tutorials way easier to follow than going through "how to" books. With this webinar series, you will get to download and keep the quicktimes to refer back to as many times as you need. Available for download now through the store.

How will JRA Series 3 work?

In this 8 week series we will get together twice a week - on a Monday and a Wednesday, starting on May 6th, 2013, from 12pm to 1pm (PST or GMT -8). The first Monday class of the week will be a live 45 minute lecture with 15 min QA and the following Wednesday class will be a 45 minute live demo and 15min QA so that we can see everything in action and more importantly how it relates to animation.

Will this teach me everything I need to do the iAnimate.net Workshops?

Absolutely, the main point of this series is to prepare you for iAnimate.net so that you can then concentrate on perfecting your animation rather than being handcuffed by technical software issues.

How much does it cost and what do we get with the Series 3?

The price will be $199 for the full 8 weeks. All the quicktimes will be available for download the day after each class. So even if you miss the live sessions, you will be able to see the entire class recording. Also included with the JRA Series 3 will be my entire set of JRA Tutorials AND my character rig "Boris" so that you can practice the lessons at home. There will also be handouts so that you can refer to the pre-typed notes as you practice.

Is this Series actually part of the iAnimate.net workshop?

No, this is a Jason Ryan Animation.com webinar series, but it will give you a taste of what the live weekly demo are like at iAnimate.net

I just bought your full Tutorial Bundle for $100, can I join?

Yes, you only need to spend $99 more for the series and we'll get you signed up and squared away.

Okay, I'm in....how do I sign up?

Just add 'Webinar Series 3' to your cart in the Store and proceed with the check out.

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